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Carbon Materials
ArticleName Graphite as a prospective material for metallurgical application
DOI 10.17580/cisisr.2018.02.06
ArticleAuthor V. N. Amelchenko, I. E. Illarionov, T. R. Gilmanshina, V. A. Borisyuk

“Krasnoyarskgrafit” JSC (Krasnoyarsk, Russia):

V. N. Amelchenko, General Director, e-mail:


Chuvash State University (Cheboksary, Russia):
I. E. Illarionov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of the Chair “Material Science and Metallurgical Processes”, e-mail:


“Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia):
T. R. Gilmanshina, Cand. Eng., Associate Professor, e-mail:
V. A. Borisyuk, Post-Graduate, e-mail:


2019 will mark the 85th anniversary of Krasnoyarskgrafit. Today, it is a production complex comprising an ore stock yard, a crushing circuit, an ore delivery tunnel, a milling plant with a kiln, a mill and vertical elevators; a production line for antipenetration coatings and other graphite products; a packaging line. The current assortment of Krasnoyarskgrafit’s products includes cryptocrystalline graphite powder, sorbent agents, composite lubricants, leads, brushes, antifriction products, antipenetration coatings. The results of the research carried out by Krasnoyarskgrafit in cooperation with Siberian Federal University show that the optimum ratio between natural and activated graphite in antipenetration coatings is 50 : 50. Today, Krasnoyarskgrafit is a dynamically growing company that holds a firm market share as a producer of cryptocrystalline graphite and products made with it and that is constantly working on finding new operational formats and techniques.

keywords Graphite products, antipenetration coatings, antifriction products, powder, lubricants, sorbent agents

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