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ArticleName Experience of hydraulic borehole mining of buried gold placers in permafrost
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.01.09
ArticleAuthor Arens V. Zh., Fazlullin M. I., Khrulev A. S., Khcheyan G. Kh.

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

V. Zh. Arens, Honorary Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Doctor
of Engineering Sciences
A. S. Khrulev, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
G. Kh. Khcheyan, Chief Academic Secretary of Mining and Metallurgical Section,


GEOTEP Research and Production, Moscow, Russia:

M. I. Fazlullin, Chief Executive Officer, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The authors discuss prospects, advantages and process flows of the hydraulic borehole mining method (HBM) in terms of the buried thin and thick gold placers in permafrost. Geology, equipment and vehicles are described. The data of experimental and semi-commercial extraction of gold from a buried coastal placer at the Ryveem River in the area of the former Polyarninsky Mining and Processing Plant (Chukotka) are analyzed. The applied HBMM included jetting of productive stratum in an unflooded chamber, haulage of broken material to a borehole and hydraulic lift of gold-bearing sand to the surface. Treatment of gold-bearing sand used a deep filling gateway. The application of HBMM in thick permafrost placers involves thawing of frozen sediments by warm water and air lift of thawed sands. The engineering solutions proposed in the article are recommended for mining a gold placer to 30 m thick in the area of the Bolotny Stream (Magadan Region). According to calculations, the technology enables production to 1 t of gold annually. In case of outlying and inaccessive placers, it is proposed to extract fine gold using the HBMM-formed voids as chambers for gold extraction from sluice tailings after HBMM by in-situ leaching and from old waste of earlier gold mining by classical (dry digging) technology.

keywords Buried deposits, permafrost, hydraulic borehole gold mining, jet gun, hydraulic lift aggregate, air lift, buried permafrost placer

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