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ArticleName Improvement of voltagewaveform in power supply systems with dynamic rectifier in mineral mining and processing industry
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.01.14
ArticleAuthor Shevyrev Yu. V., Shevyreva N. Yu.

College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Yu. V. Shevyrev, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University), Moscow, Russia:
N. Yu. Shevyreva, Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Common use of variable frequency asynchronous electric drive in mineral mining and processing industry results in considerable increase in the content of higher harmonics and in power quality loss in the power supply systems. Frequency converters with dynamic voltage rectifiers are the efficient tools of improvement of power quality and energy supply for machines and mechanisms equipped with the variable frequency asynchronous electric drives in mines. The dynamic rectifier contains a filter to abate higher harmonics in the AC mains in accordance with the voltage quality standards. When parameters of the filter of the dynamic rectifier for the voltage waveform are chosen improperly, it is impossible to obtain the sinusoidal waveform. The proposed procedure for selecting parameters of the dynamic rectifier filter has two stages: plotting of frequency response curve of filter gain for the selected filter circuit at different filter parameters and computer modeling to refine the filter parameters so that the specified total harmonic factor is ensured. The article presents dependences for selecting capacity of the dynamic rectifier filter such that to ensure the specified total harmonic factor. It is shown that the inclusion of the harmonic filter with the parameters selected using the proposed procedure into the voltage waveform rectifier enables essential reduction in the value of higher harmonics in the supply voltage spectrum and, thus, allows the voltage waveform approaching a sinusoid.

keywords Variable frequency asynchronous electric drive, higher harmonics, total harmonic factor of voltage, filtering-and-compensating device, dynamic voltage waveform rectifier, calculation method, filter gain

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