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Steel making
ArticleName Technological indicators of vacuum units
ArticleAuthor A. Pezza, V. A. Buehler, J. D. Martinez-Cerezo, M. Reising

Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Willstätt-Legelshurst, Germany):

A. Pezza, e-mail:

V. A. Buehler

J. D. Martínez-Cerezo

M. Reising


At the stage of commissioning and warranty testing of units, it becomes possible to collect various technological data. The article is devoted to data on various vacuum units of a chamber and circulation type, as well as different approaches to metal treatment in these units and the comparison of technological indicators with mechanical characteristics. In addition to analyzing the database, the article provides an assessment of possible trends in steel production. This paper presents a variety of approaches for evaluating the performance of degassers. Standardized comparison of several units is complex and requires specific reproducible experimental procedures. Evaluating historical data provides only a few comparable values. Only data collection is not enough for development and optimization of aggregates. They need to be generalized using intelligent methods. Automatic passports that provide rapid assessment of the performance of the unit can be created only after a thorough analysis of the available data and taking into account the purpose of this unit. However, as soon as such reports become the common practice, the allocation of resources for the operation and maintenance of the unit will be significantly simplified.

keywords Vacuuming, manganese, sulfur, aluminum, carbon, temperature, dust, filter, chamber degasser, pressure, decarburization
Language of full-text russian
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