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Continuous casting and foundry production
ArticleName Automated control of the steel casting process at the Tata Steel Company in Ijmuiden
ArticleAuthor B. Schaap, P. Coster, S. Brockhus, H. Pronk

Tata Steel Europe (Ijmuiden, Netherlands):

B. Schaap, Process control engineer BOS
P. Caster, Eng., Process control engineer BOS
S. Brockhus, Eng., IT manager BOS
H. Pronk, Operational expert BOS, e-mail:


In the oxygen converter shop of the Tata Steel plant in Ijmuiden, the control of the steel casting process is fully automated. After engaging a cigar-shaped cast-iron mixing ladle by a locomotive, all movements of the cast-iron ladles are controlled by computers. The blocking systems of filling cranes make it possible to avoid overflowing of the ladles with metal, to prevent damage of railways for cast-iron ladles movement and to recognize a cast-iron mixing ladle’s number. The work of the systems is based on redundant measurements or the use of tracking cameras. Process control is responsibility of the operator conducting metal desulfurization. Successive steps taken by the company for the successful implementation of this project have been described.

keywords Cigar-shaped ladle, camera, automation, oxygen converter shop, casting of iron.
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