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Rolling and other metal forming processes
ArticleName Technical solutions for reliable handling of high-strength steel strip rolls
ArticleAuthor Ch. Mengel, U. Cramer, Th. Holzhauer, A. Kastner, A. Muller, W. Fuchs

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Th. Holzhauer, Mag. Eng.

A. Kastner, Mag. Eng.

A. Müller, Mag. Eng.

W. Fuchs, Mag. Eng.


Production of items from high-strength steel grades is increasing at hot strip rolling mills. In the segment of carbon steels, multiphase grades for the automotive industry (DP, TRIP, CP), high-strength structural grades (S700 – S1300) for crane equipment, pipe (X70 – X100) and wear-resistant (AR400 – AR500) grades are produced. In the segment of corrosion-resistant steels — duplex and special grades. The thickness of the strip from these materials reaches 25.4 mm. Along with the technical requirement for the production of such materials at hot rolling mills, it is necessary to ensure reliable handling of coils. Especially in the case of outdated rolling mills, the modernization of the coil transportation area is associated with increased capital costs and long production downtime. The article describes the issue and presents the possibilities of its technical solution.

keywords Rolling mill, hot rolling, high-strength steels, deformation, roll, coiling, coiler, rollers
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