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Название Prospects for exploitation of gold placers using dredging systems
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.04.07
Автор Pechenkin V. G., Pechenkina A. V.
Информация об авторе

Katanov Khakassia State University, Abakan, Russia:

V. G. Pechenkin, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences, pvg54@mail.ru


Khakasenergosbyt, Abakan, Russia:
A. V. Pechenkina, Economist, Candidate of Economic Sciences


The current conditions and development prospects of gold production from placers by dredging are discussed. Feasibility of gold extraction from deeper levels within relatively small areas has arisen interest in highly profitable method of dredging. New generation dredges are successfully trialed, more powerful machines are employed in preparation of placers to mining (dredging sites): draglines, dozers and drilling facilities, which makes it possible to optimize cost of stripping, to reclaim mined-out dredging sites, and to provide dredges with thawed sand for the current and subsequent washing seasons. Complex planning and design of placer mining is governed by the specific dependence of placer mine efficiency on natural conditions as compared with the other industries. The difficulties are overcome through factor-by-factor planning of key production indexes based on standards developed using the old-established mechanism of intensive and extensive influence exerted by the factors on productivity of mining machines. The influences in case of placer dredging can be connected with nature, equipment, job organization and technology. Of base value are the natural influences as they govern the choice of equipment, technology and job organization. Without regard for indirect impact, sometimes very ponderous, the analysis of the effect exerted by the factors is incomplete. Thus, for estimating connection between factors and production indexes, it is necessary to use mathematical methods that describe arbitrary nature of phenomena: correlation and regression techniques, mathematical statistics tools.

Ключевые слова Dredge, deposit, gold, placer, factors, influence, correlation analysis, standard, mechanisms, season, duration
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