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Название Waste formation and management dynamics in coal mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.04.20
Автор Mikhailov V. G., Galanina T. V., Mikhailova Ya. S.
Информация об авторе

Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, Kemerovo, Russia:

V. G. Mikhailov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, mvg.eohp@kuzstu.ru
T. V. Galanina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Ya. S. Mikhailova, Assistant


Coal processing plant waste management is a complex process including law, technology, economy and ecology matters. It is important to understand production and consumption waste flow velocity depending on the waste types classified by hazard criterion based on the Federal Waste Classification Catalogue. Another determinant is compliance of the ecological infrastructure of production and consumption waste management at a plant with the standards set by the package of the best available technologies. Legislative development in the field of ecology, especially in an industrially developed region, stimulates industry to take into account the maximum of the factors that influence formation of production and consumption waste. The object of this study is a coal processing plant as a source of production and consumption waste. The subject of the study is a system of ecological and ecologicoeconomic indicators that characterize processes of production and consumption waste formation and use. The known ecologico-economic indicators are analyzed; these indicators make it possible to evaluate basic technical and economic characteristics connected with efficient utilization of production and consumption waste. Based on the study results, the key criteria and factors of ecological and ecologico-economic indicators of production and consumption waste are identified. Using the developed system of interrelated ecologico-economic indicators, efficient managerial solutions are selected. An important simplification to the process is coupling of this system of ecologico-economic indicators with the statutory forms accepted by a plant for ecological reporting on production and consumption waste management. The study results are applicable to efficient eco-friendly managerial decision-making on production and consumption waste treatment and on formation of relevant technological infrastructure. Aiming to speed-up introduction of the study results in the industry, it is advisable to develop a set of programs for automatic calculation of ecologico-economic indicators and for visualization of the resultant trends.

Ключевые слова Coal processing plant, management, ecologico-economic indicators, criterion selection, adverse effect, production waste, efficiency
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