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Название Vibration technology for recycling mineral components in snow melting waste
DOI 10.17580/or.2019.02.08
Автор Ustinov I. D.
Информация об авторе

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Ustinov I. D., Superviser of the Research Training Center, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, ustinov_id@npk-mt.spb.ru


Research and testing were conducted during the snowy winter of 2019 for a primary technology for the processing of the solid fraction formed in a small-scale intermittently operated snow melting plant covering an area of two hectares in St. Petersburg. With due account of the complex morphological composition of the solid fraction, the tests were carried out to ensure sequential vibrational separation of the +10 mm fraction containing fragments that may be classified as solid municipal waste, of the intermediate fraction of –10+2.5 mm and of the sand fraction of –2.5 mm. The tests were carried out sequentially using an Orbitor M classifier screen on a grizzly grate and on a square-meshed sieve with the mesh size of 2.5 mm. The grizzly grate of the upper sieving surface was operated in the near-resonant mode to avoid adhesion of wet fragments. The vibration classification tests were carried out in wet conditions with the mass ratio of water to solid fraction of 2.5:1, using a large excess of melt water formed in the snow melting plant. The resulting oversize product for the grizzly grate was represented by disposable plastic containers and large cigarette butts, as well as almost all the water. The middle fraction of +2.5 mm included fragments of asphalt concrete, the main remaining portion of cigarette butts, fragments of film materials, and wet fragments of cardboard packaging. The undersize product included pure sand with the grain size of –2.0+0.16 mm in the form of a water slurry. After drainage and drying, the resulting sand meets the requirements for building sand.
The work was carried out under the grant issued by the Russian Science Foundation (project No. 17-79-30056).

Ключевые слова Primary processing, vibrating screening, snow melting, solid fraction, recycling, building sand
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