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ArticleName Methodology of integrated stability monitoring in mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.01.10
ArticleAuthor Rybin V. V., Konstantinov K. N., Kagan M. M., Panasenko I. G.

Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Russia:

V. V. Rybin, Leading Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
K. N. Konstantinov, Researcher
M. M. Kagan, Senior Researcher
I. G. Panasenko, Programming Supervisor


Under conditions of gradual increase in the mining depth and long-term operation of open pit mine elements, infrastructure buildings and facilities (control objects) at mining and processing plants, considerable attention is paid to their integrated stability monitoring management. This article describes the major methodology of such monitoring in terms of the Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant. In view of the current mining of the main Zhelezny open pit to a depth of 850 m with partial cutback of pit walls, arrangement and improvement of geotechnical stability monitoring (pit walls and benches, buildings and facilities inside the pit and within its infrastructure site) is of the current concern. Each group of geotechnical objects possesses its peculiarities, based on which arrangement, functioning and procedural supervision of their safe and trouble-free operation is accomplished. Qualitatively, the monitoring system is represented by the information (databases, software programs, etc.) and objects (surface of pit walls and dumps, waterworks, etc.). The importance of the abilities of this system to integrate, automatically update incoming information, effectively organize data flows, to alert, etc. is highlighted. The organization chart of the system under operation with spatial information in the multi-user environment is represented by the server and user services. The server service includes bases of spatial information, subject information and GIS server. The user service is conditionally divided into work stations of operators of data sources and data users. The authors substantiate the necessity of using a fully functional professional GIS for an adequate solution of all tasks.
The authors express their special thanks to A. A. Danilkin, Technical Officer of the Kovdor Mining and Processing Plant, for the active participation in the creation and implementation of the system, as well as for the contribution to preparation of this article.

keywords Zhelezny open pit mine, monitoring, geotechnical object list, system components, integration ability, system architecture, geoinformation system, data sources, pit wall

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