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ArticleName Rockburst proneness studies in the Malaya Botuobuia kimberlite deposits
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.01.19
ArticleAuthor Aksenov A. A., Zolotin V. G., Pul E. K.

VNIMI’s Ural Division, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

A. A. Aksenov, Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


1Yakutniproalmaz Institute, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia ; 2Ammosov North Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russia:

V. G. Zolotin, Senior Researcher at Geomechanics Laboratory1, Associate Professor at the Chair of Mining2, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

E. K. Pul, Head of Geomechanical Monitoring Department


The geological structure of the Mir and Internatsionalnaya kimberlite pipes in the Malaya Botuobuia region are given. The main rockburst hazard factors and the outcomes of the geodynamic zoning of these deposits are described. The results of the regional rockburst hazard prediction carried out by the method of deep core drilling are presented. The intervals of high stresses in the places of core disking, reflective of rockburst proneness, are found. From the core disking analysis, the rock mass stress state is assessed. The additional studies aimed to refine the rockburst proneness criticality proved proneness of the rock mass to rock bursts. The measurements of acoustic emission parameters at different depths were taken to timely accomplish prediction of proneness to rock bursts. The obtained results confirm high stress conditions in certain areas in host rocks and the unique concentration of stresses at ore and rock interfaces, which are characteristic of the rockburst proneness.

keywords Geodynamic zoning, rock burst, acoustic emission, core disking, brittle fracture

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