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ArticleName EAF state-of-the-art solutions and their technological practice
ArticleAuthor H. Holzgruber, Ch. Redl, R. Gottardi, A. Partyka

Inteco Holding GmbH,(Bruck an der Mur, Austria):

H. Holzgruber, Dr., CEO


Inteco Melting and Casting Technologies GmbH, (Bruck an der Mur, Austria):

Ch. Redl, Deputy General Manager, Vice President of Sales
R. Gottardi, Dr., Vice President and Sales Director
A. Partyka, Mag. Eng., Chief Technologist



With a staff of approximately four hundred employees in all engineering disciplines, over the past two years, Inteco has proved its technical and technological competence in construction of steelmaking workshops, in particular workshops for production of special steels, where the main melting unit is electric arc furnaces (EAFs). Inteco's enhanced position in the EAF sector was achieved through the acquisition of a number of suppliers of electric furnace equipment, as well as in-house developments. The result was innovative EAF equipment and solutions to increase efficiency, improve technology and operational safety. Over the forty-five years of its activity, Inteco has grown from a small consulting company to a group of steel experts and equipment suppliers. The last five years have been a period of particularly dynamic expansion, not limited to EAF engineering and smelting technologies. At the same time, there was an intensive development of Inteco's competence in continuous casting and a gradual entry into the rolling production area. A well-thought-out combination of external borrowing with internal reserves, including professionalism and staff enthusiasm, has become the key to the company`s success and will remain in the future.

keywords EAF, special steels, developments, electrical equipment, scrap, oxygen

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