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ArticleName The raw material base of ferroalloys and features of development of their production in Russia. Part 1. Basic ferroalloys
ArticleAuthor G. Yu. Boyarko, B. N. Matveev

Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russia):

G. Yu. Boyarko, Dr. Eng., Prof., Natural Resources Engineering School


All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information RAS (Moscow, Russia):
B. N. Matveev, Dr. Eng., Prof, head of Dept. of Scientific Information on Metallurgy



The raw-materials base and dynamics of Russian production and consumption of basic (large-capacity) ferroalloys for 2002–2018 have been considered. The total import dependence of Russia on manganese ores and metallic manganese, a significant dependence on silicomanganese were noted. The raw material base of manganese is represented by deposits of poor and technologically complex ores. Ferrochrome production, along with Russian raw materials, uses imported flows of chromium ores from the Republic of Kazakhstan. Commodity flows of ferrochrome and ferrosilicon are export-oriented. For a critical (import-dependent) flow of manganese concentrates, as well as for a steady import flow of chromium ores, it is necessary to ensure their stability within the framework of the Customs Union and BRICS.

keywords Ferroalloys, raw material base, production, consumption, technology, critical goods

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