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Power Engineering, Ecology and Recycling
ArticleName New two-component sprayers to improve secondary cooling energy efficiency
ArticleAuthor R. Wolf, J. Frick, H. Bernhard, M. Taferner

Lechler GmbH (Metzingen, Germany):

R. Wolf

J. Frick, e-mail:

Mining University Leoben (Austria):

H. Bernhard

M. Taferner


A new range of Slabcooler Eco sprayers has been developed to meet the ever-increasing energy efficiency requirements in the iron and steel industry. This type of sprayers not only satisfies the required performance, but also provides great flexibility in cooling capacity and has significant functionality when using compressed air in the continuous caster`s secondary cooling zone (SCZ). The measurements show a comparable performance of the Slabcooler Eco type sprayers in terms of spray pattern and cooling capacity compared to Mastercooler sprayers widely used in the SCZs. Through the measurements of the heat transfer coefficient carried out at Leoben University, a comparable cooling capacity at maximum working pressure, as well as improved energy efficiency at a reduced one, were confi rmed. This provides existing units with additional flexibility without significant changes in the SCZ. These results show that the use of Slabcooler Eco technology in the SCZs of existing continuous casters makes it possible to increase the cooling flexibility and also reduce the average compressed air consumption in the SCZ by 30% while maintaining maximum performance. Depending on the continuous casters characteristics, the potential for air savings in terms of compressed air consumption, associated energy costs and CO2 emissions can be significant, especially against the background of low capital costs.

keywords Energy efficiency, secondary cooling system, continuous caster, pneumatic sprayer, cooling capacity, heat transfer coefficient

1. Arth G., Tafemer M., Bernhard С. Experimental and numerical investigations on cooling efficiency in the secondary cooling zone during continuous casting of steel, Proc. METEC & 2nd ESTAD 2015, 15-19 Juni 2015, Düsseldorf.

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