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80th anniversary of Nizny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant (EVEAZ NTMK)
Название Technology for the production and use of pulverized coal at JSC EVRAZ NTMK
Автор A. V. Kushnarev, P. N. Kolpakov, K. V. Mironov, A. A. Forshev
Информация об авторе

JSC EVRAZ NTMK (Nizhny Tagil, Russia):

A. V. Kushnarev, Dr. Eng., Managing Director, e-mail: Aleksey.Kushnarev@evraz.com
P. N. Kolpakov, Project Management Director, Ural Division
K. V. Mironov, Head of the Blast Furnace Shop
A. A. Forshev, Head of the Sinter-Coke-Blast Furnace Dept., Deputy Head of Technical Management Administration, e-mail: Andrey.Forshev@evraz.com


JSC EVRAZ NTMK is the first metallurgical plant in modern Russia to launch a complex for the production and use of pulverized coal in blast furnace production. Implementation of the project meets the objectives of introducing the best available technologies in blast furnace production at the plant`s industrial site, the project was developed on the basis of technical solutions of the equipment supplier Paul Wurth. In December 2012, the mastering of the technology for the use of pulverized coal (PC) began in the conditions of blast furnace smelting of titanomagnetite raw materials. At the stage of mastering the equipment and technology, the design performance indicators of the grinding unit and dosing units were achieved, PC specific consumption is 150 kg/t pig iron, coke consumption is 302 kg/t pig iron, natural gas consumption is 60 m3/t pig iron were obtained at blast furnaces, while an increase in pig iron production due to enrichment of blast with oxygen was achieved. The technological modes of the finished PC quality control were determined, a promising technological model for managing the complex for preparing a coal charge, the production of PC and its feeding into a blast furnace, and controlling blast furnace melting of titanomagnetites using PC was developed and introduced, and the effectiveness of the PC use was shown. The PC technology is successfully used, the equipment complex is reliable, efficient modern production with a minimum level of own costs and a high degree of safety, it is equipped with unique automated control systems for the technological process and logistics of raw materials. The efficiency of the blast furnace process has been signifi cantly increased: a three-component fuel complex has been created (coke — natural gas — PC), conditions have been provided for improving the quality of coke and iron ore raw materials, a new production and business cycle has been developed based on the use and consumption of previously unclaimed resources - thermal coal, additional new modern jobs have been created.
N. Yu. Gulakov, head of the technological bureau of the blast-furnace shop of JSC EVRAZ NTMK, M. V. Polovets, engineer-technologist of the technical department of JSC EVRAZ NTMK, A. D. Martyukov, head of the industrial technology department of JSC EVRAZ NTMK participated in the preparation of the article.

Ключевые слова EVRAZ NTMK, pulverized coal fuel, application technology, technological process, blast furnace process, iron ore raw materials, threecomponent fuel complex, coke quality.
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