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80th anniversary of Nizny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant (EVEAZ NTMK)
ArticleName The use of the ionic theory of slags in the calculation of desulfurization in the ladle-furnace unit
ArticleAuthor M. V. Savelyev, O. Yu. Sheshukov, A. A. Metelkin, O. I. Shevchenko, D. K. Egiazaryan

JSC EVRAZ NTMK (Nizhny Tagil, Russia):

M. V. Savelyev, Head of the Prospective Development Dept. of Technical Management Administration,


Ural Federal University named after the First President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
O. Yu. Sheshukov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Director of the Institute for New Materials and Technologies, e-mail:


Nizhny Tagil Technological Institute of Technology, Nizhny Tagil branch of the Ural Federal University (Nizhny Tagil, Russia):
A. A. Metelkin, Cand. Eng., Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Metallurgical Technology, e-mail:
O. Yu. Shevchenko, Dr. Eng., Head of the Dept. of Metallurgical Technology, e-mail:


Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
D. K. Egiazaryan, Cand. Eng., Researcher, Pyrometallurgical Laboratory, e-mail:


The issues of sulfur removal in the ladle-furnace unit are considered. Metal desulfurization is primarily achieved by converting sulfur to slag. The sulfur distribution coefficient between the metal and slag is affected by the sulfide capacity of the slag, coefficient of sulfur activity in the metal, oxidative potential of the medium, and the equilibrium constant of the sulfur distribution reaction between the metal and slag. The influence of the molten metal temperature on the sulfide capacity of the slag is considered. A technique is proposed for removing sulfur from heterogeneous slags, in which their ionic structure is taken into account. Optical basicity is taken as a criterion for the refining ability of slags. The effect of amphoteric Al2O3 oxide on the sulfide capacity of slags is considered.

keywords Ladle-furnace aggregate, desulfurization, ionic slag structure, optical basicity, sulphide slag capacity

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