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80th anniversary of Nizny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant (EVEAZ NTMK)
Название Determination of the influence of the workpiece parameters on the shape change of the rough wheel during stamping by computer simulation
Автор A. V. Kushnarev, S. S. Puzyrev
Информация об авторе

JSC EVRAZ NTMK (Nizhny Tagil, Russia):

A. V. Kushnarev, Dr. Eng., Managing Director, e-mail: Aleksey.Kushnarev@evraz.com
S. S. Puzyrev, Chief Specialist of the Transport Metal Production Technology Bureau, e-mail: Sergey.Puzyrev@evraz.com


The analysis of metal shaping was carried out by the method of computer simulation during preliminary and final stamping of railway wheel workpieces with a diameter of 957 mm in the conditions of the wheel bandage shop of JSC EVRAZ NTMK. The results of the influence of technological schemes for stamping wheel workpieces on the neutral section position are presented. The technology of preliminary stamping of wheel workpieces aimed at reducing the metal consumption rate, material, energy costs and improving the accuracy of the rough wheel is considered. The technology provides a combination of upsetting and spreading of the metal in the process of preliminary stamping and promotes self-centering of the forging during final stamping. The influence of the geometric parameters of the stamped forgings after the preliminary stamping operation on the position of the neutral section during the final stamping operation is analyzed. A recommendation for selection of the optimal ratio of the workpiece geometric parameters is given.

Ключевые слова Preliminary stamping, final stamping, stamped forging, neutral section, computer simulation
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