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Rolling and Other Metal Forming Processes
ArticleName Tebulo’s new robotic solution for safe strip cutting
ArticleAuthor H. van Norel

Van Norel Journalistiek & Communicatie (Maarn, Netherlands):
H. van Norel, E-mail:


Tebulo Company has developed innovative robotic solutions for the use in the steel industry. Every day, the personnel of metallurgical plants use special equipment to cut damaged parts of steel coils before sending the strip for further processing. Such work is not safe. At the request of ArcelorMittal (France), Tebulo Industrial Robotics developed and installed a robotic installation with a plasma torch. The assembling of the new installation was carried out in mid-August 2018 in two stages. During the first week, its rear part was assembled without stopping production, and the next week, when the production was stopped, the rails for the robot were laid and the rest of the installation was mounted. From the moment the installation is put into operation, processing is carried out not only more safely and economically, but also without compromising on quality. When developing a new configuration of the robot, they sought as much as possible towards unification and standardization, which also had a positive eff ect on investment costs. The new installation can be easily integrated into existing production.

keywords Plasma cutting, strip, steel, strip cutting, roll, robotic installation, cleaning blade
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