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Metal Science and Heat Treatment
ArticleName Study of the effect of heat treatment on mechanical properties and resistance of structural steel to cracking in the hydrogen sulfide environment
ArticleAuthor V. V. Naumenko, A. V. Muntin, O. A. Baranova, K. S. Smetanin

Vyksa Steel Works (Vyksa, Russia):

V. V. Naumenko, Cand. Eng., Head of the Dept., e-mail:
O. A. Baranova, Research Engineer
K. S. Smetanin, Chief Specialist


Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia):
A. V. Muntin, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof.


The results of the study in laboratory conditions of the influence of heat treatment (HT) mode on the structure formation, change in the mechanical and corrosion properties in the H2S environment of structural steel produced in the casting and rolling complex of the JSC Vyksa Metallurgical Plant are presented. It was shown that after quenching at 900 °C and tempering at 650 °C, the metal structure is formed that provides not only high and stable values of impact strength up to test temperatures of –50 °C on Charpy samples with a sharp stress concentrator and mechanical properties characteristic of strength K52 – K56 class, but at the same time resistance to hydrogen induced cracking in the H2S medium.

keywords Heat treatment, mechanical properties, impact strength, hydrogen induced cracking, structural steel

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