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Metallurgical history
ArticleName The history of the artillery production in factories and arsenals of Russia in the XVIII — mid XIX centuries
ArticleAuthor V. A. Bobkov

G. V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Bryansk branch (Bryansk, Russia):

V. A. Bobkov, Dr. Hist., Associate Prof., Dept. of Theory and History of State and Law and Humanitarian Disciplines, e-mail:


Artillery is rightly called the “God of war”. Russia has always been famous for its strong artillery production, which ensures the victory of the Russian state in the international arena. Casting of artillery pieces is a difficult task and it was possible to achieve its high quality only at a group of specialized enterprises represented by domestic factories and arsenals. This publication highlights and analyzes the key stages of development of artillery factories of the mining Department and arsenals of the military department of the Russian Empire. The study of the history of the arsenal production of the military department was conducted in comparison with the production of guns in the factories of the mining department. The features of iron foundry production of guns are shown. The article describes the role of arsenals in the victories of domestic weapons in the main military companies of the period under review. A General comparative analysis of the artillery of Russia and its potential opponents, especially France, is carried out. The features of casting guns made of steel in Russia are indicated. Finally, the origin of the steel industry in the Russian Empire is being reconstructed. It was more promising and was replaced by the arsenal production.

keywords Arsenals, artillery, military industry, metallurgical plants, metallurgy, metals, steel, technological achievements, cast iron

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