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ArticleName Semi-autogenious grinding mill operation at talnakh concentrator. Development and implementation of efficient engineering solutions
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2020.06.03
ArticleAuthor Dzardanov B. K., Niyazova K. A., Lukozhev I. O., Kharchenko A. V.

Company “Nornickel”, Polar Division, Norilsk, Russia:
B. K. Dzardanov, First Deputy Head of Production Department e-mail:
K. A. Niyazova, Leading Processing Engineer, Laboratory of Engineering Support of Production at Talnakh Concentrator, Center for Engineering Support of Production e-mail:
I. O. Lukozhev, Leading Processing Engineer, Laboratory of Engineering Support of Production at Talnakh Concentrator, Center for Engineering Support of Production
A. V. Kharchenko, Deputy Director of Talnakh Concentrator for Equipment, e-mail:


When the large-scale project of Talnakh Concentrator expansion using a new concentration process was launched it was supposed that high-grade ore from Taimyrsky, Skalisty and Oktyabrsky Mines as well as cuprife rous ore from Oktyabrsky Mine will be treated during Stage 2 of Talnakh Concentrator implementation. A 10.365.18 “Metso Minerals” SAG mill was commissioned as a part of Stage 2 of Talnakh Concentrator. This mill is one of the Russian largest units for the primary ore grinding prior to the flotation. The interior volume of the SAG mill drum is 408 m3. With the development of new horizons of the Talnakh and Oktyabrsky deposits, disseminated ore from the Oktyabrsky Mine, with enhanced physical and mechanical characteristics, is additionally involved in processing Talnakh ConcentratorIn order to treat such mixed feed the following action plan was developed and implemented:
– The mill feed size distribution was optimized (by recrushing for the harder disseminated and cupriferous ore from Oktyabrsky Mine);
– The SAG mill throughput variation was reduced by regulating the amount of the water added at different parameters of feed;
– A wear-resistant lining was selected (such materials as chrome-molybdenum steel, manganese steel, high chromium white cast iron, combined rubber and metal lining Poly-met, integrated rubber and metal lining Megaliner)
– In order to maintenance hours for the SAG mill lining replacement were shortened, organizational and technical measures were developed and additional equipment was equipped;
– An automatic control system for the grinding section was developed and implemented.

keywords Comminution, SAG mill, throughput, lining, ore, mechanical properties, Metso Minerals, control, automation

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