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Название Professor Beloglazov as the founder of the Process and plant automation department with mining university
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2020.07.05
Автор Bazhin V. Yu., Vorobiev A. G., Beloglazov I. I.
Информация об авторе

Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. Yu. Bazhin, Head of the Department of Process and Plant Automation, Doctor of Technical Sciences, e-mail: bazhin-alfoil@mail.ru
I. I. Beloglazov, Associate Professor at the Department of Process and Plant Automation, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail: beloglazov_ii@pers.spmi.ru


“Ore and Metals” Publishing House, Moscow, Russia:

A. G. Vorobiev, Editor-in-Chief, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor


Iliya Beloglazov comes from a famous family of mining engineers and is a founder of the Department of Process and Plant Automation. The Department is one of the largest at the University and it has seen almost no structural changes since it was founded. Metallurgists, chemists and automation people, who are engaged in the development and optimization of advanced processes and devices utilized in non-ferrous metal and chemical industries, are well familiar with professor Beloglazov’s papers and his active involvement in research and organizational activities. Professor Beloglazov has given tremendous effort to support young researchers and specialists in their academic endeavours.

Ключевые слова Department of Process and Plant Automation, Mining University, automation, production process
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