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Metal Science
ArticleName Approximation of deformation diagrams of steels by their mechanical characteristics
ArticleAuthor V. A. Tarasov, V. D. Baskakov, M. A. Baburin, D. S. Boyarsky

Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow, Russia):

V. A. Tarasov, Dr. Eng., Prof., “Technology of Aerospace Engineering” Dept., e-mail:
V. D. Baskakov, Dr. Eng., Prof., “Technology of Aerospace Engineering” Dept., e-mail:
M. A. Baburin, Candi Eng., Associate Prof., “Technology of Aerospace Engineering” Dept.
D. S. Boyarsky, Student, “Technology of Aerospace Engineering” Dept.


The task of constructing steels deformation diagrams on the basis of reference data on mechanical characteristics, which is necessary for the analysis of technological processes for plastic shaping of parts, has been solved. It was found that the best approximation of the calculated and experimental data on the deformation diagrams of steels is provided by the approximation based on a parabolic relation or its combination with a power-law one. The parameters of the approximating dependence are found under the condition that the stress reaches the value of the ultimate strength during deformation of steels, proportional to the relative elongation of samples during tensile tests. The proportionality coefficient was determined by statistical studies. The satisfactory approximation to the test results of a structural steels range is shown.

keywords Steels, deformation diagram, conditional stress, approximation parameters, yield strength, ultimate strength, elongation

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