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ArticleName Thermodynamic modeling of oxidative roasting of copper concentrate from high matte separation
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2020.09.02
ArticleAuthor Popov V. A., Savinova Yu. A.

Gipronickel Institute LLC, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

V. A. Popov, Leading Researcher, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Yu. A. Savinova, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:


Currently, thermodynamic analysis tools are widely used in the world to model real physical and chemical processes, one of which is the factsage software package and database. Of particular interest is the thermodynamic calculation with the help of the similar software for the process of solid-phase roasting of sulfide materials, the results of which can be affected by kinetic constraints. In this work, using the factsage complex, we performed thermodynamic modeling of the oxidative roasting of copper concentrate from high matte separation in the temperature range 300–1000 oC and log pO2 — from –36 to –2. The dependence of the calculated phase composition of the calcine on temperature and oxygen content in the gas phase is investigated. It was shown that with an increase in temperature, as well as with an increase in the oxygen content in the gas phase, an increase in the content of high oxidized components (oxides and ferrites) is observed with a decrease in the volume fraction of sulfide and sulfate components. To assess the reliability of the results obtained, they are compared with the real product of copper sulfide concentrate roasting. As such, it was selected the averaged calcine of copper concentrate roasting in industrial fluidized bed furnace (JSC “Kola MМC”). A study of the сalcine composition and structure was performed by local methods of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray spectral microanalysis. It is shown that the result of thermodynamic modeling (even without taking into account kinetic factors) is quite close to industrial data. Thus, the thermodynamic calculation of the roasting process in the fluidised bed furnace using factsage can be used to improve existing and develop new technologies, to create intelligenсe furnace control systems, etc.

keywords Copper sulfide concentrate, thermodynamic modeling, fluidised bed furnace, oxidation roasting, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray spectral microanalysis

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