Borovichi Firebrick Works

N. V. Ageyeva, V. O. Golubev

Historical events depicting rise of firebrick business in Russia, development of firebrick industrial production in Novgorodskaya Guberniya, memorable events of sesqui-century annals of Borovichi Firebrick Works are described. Industrial structure of enterprise is reflected. System of production management and quality control, recent state of production base and social overhead, development prospects and strategic objectives are described. Complete assortment of company’s firebrick products and materials (together with their technical characteristics) is given.
ISBN: 5-8216-0060-X
Pages: 0
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2005

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The Works on the eve of its 150-th anniversary
Part 1. History of Borovichi’s firebricks
Rise of craftsman business
Origin of factory production
Beginning of the Works
Strength — in unity
Years of changes
Epoch of revival
People war in on
For peaceful metal
Period of restructuring
Part 2. JSC BKO in our days
Financial condition
Capital construction
Raw material base
Sales markets and customers
Production quality assurance system
Production management system
Scientific research and contact
Personnel management
Social services
Part 3. Catalogue of output product
Refractory powders
Fire clay aggregates
Materials on the base of zirconium dioxide
Aluminosilicate plasticize mortars
”CEMBOR-73” high-alumino cement»
ZTS fill insulation
Dry concrete mixes and ramming mixtures on the base of aluminosilicate filler, electrocorundum with high-alumino cement
Periclase-carbonaceous heat-treated products
Periclase-spinel products
Products of thixotropic (low cement) concrete
Product for blast-furnace masonry
General purpose fire clay, mullite and mullite -corundum products
Products for steel-teeming ladle lining-up
Products for lining-up of cupola furnaces, hot metal ladles and rotary-type dryer in cement industry
Fire clay and mullite-corundum products for masonry of hot blast stoves and air lines of blast furnaces
Products for checker brickworks of open-hearth furnaces
Products for isostatic pressing
Products for steel bottom casting. Sprockets, syphons, nozzles for moulds and intermediate funnels, funnels and guide tubes
Products for steel teeming by ladle
Moulds for metal bottom argon blowing in ladle
Products on the base of zirconium dioxide
Products for lining-up of coke forming aggregates
Products for boiler furnaces of sea ships
Light-weight heat-insulated firebrick products
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