People, fates, traditions (95-th anniversary of Moscow State Mining University)

Ganitskiy V. I.

This book shows the 90 years-history of creation and development of Moscow Mining Institute (Moscow State Mining University). The book includes the descriptions about the most interesting traditions, formed in the University for this period. Biographies of important members of the University are shown in this book together with stories about its most interesting workers and representatives.

Author tells some personal memories and thoughts, connected with the University, and further possible directions of its development.

The book is oriented on the wide range of readers. It can be interesting both for former and current members of the University and their relatives, and for the students, interested in its history.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978–5–98191–075–3
Страницы: 124
Переплет: paperback
Издатель: Ore and Metals PH
Язык: Russian
Год издания: 2013

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