Sealing curtains in industry

Yu. I. Volkov, A. A. Izotov, Yu. V. Ponomarenko

The global experience of application of sealing curtains in various areas of industry and new results of investigations become the basis of consideration of the methods of building of various types of sealing curtains, “diaphragm walls” and waterproof ceilings for the purpose of creation of favorable conditions of mining and construction works, protection of built-up areas from underflooding and protection of water resources from depletion and contamination. Technologies of slot dozing and filling are shown together with water-bearing rocks injection by fixing agents in various geological and hydrogeological conditions. Technical means of various curtain types building, applied in Russia and abroad, are described. Filling materials, used for curtain-building, are characterized. Results of theoretical investigations became the basis of development of hydrodynamic substantiation and filtration calculations of curtains. In the conclusion, recommendations for the designing of different purpose sealing curtains are given.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-062-3
Pages: 304
Binder: hardcover
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2014

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