The gold of Tajikistan: geology and resource potential

Azim Ibrokhim, M. M. Mamadvafoev, K. I. Litvenenko. B. L. Koshelev

For the first time, on the basis of generalization of the published materials, authors' investigations and geological parties' materials, there is given the information about the geology, economics of location, substantial composition, conditions of formation, genetic types, formation membership, ore processing technology, assured resources, prospective and forecast resources, exploration degree of endogenous and exogenous (placer) deposits of Tajikistan gold. An issue about the prospects of industrial mastering of mineral objects of Karamazar, Fergana region, Central and South Tajikistan, Darvaz and Pamir is shown. There are given the recommendations for the ways of further geological-exploration and geological-prospecting works for expansion of resource potential of gold in the republic.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-080-7
Pages: 404
Binder: hardcover
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2015

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