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In the HEAVY NON-FERROUS METALS section there are offered two articles dedicated to a single problem – production of nickel in the Urals, in particular to the processing of oxidized nickel ores (ONOs) of the Buruktalsk deposit. Studied are the processes of selective nickel deposition from solutions of heap leaching of ONOs by sodium hydrosulfide as well as purification of ONOs from cobalt by selective agitation leaching of cobalt and manganese from fine ore material using a weak solution of sulfuric acid with a reductant and heap leaching of nickel and cobalt from coarse ore fraction using a solution resultant from the selective leaching of cobalt and manganese and fortified with sulfuric acid.


The issues of the pollution of aluminum alloys by impurities estimating with the aid of computer-aided image analysis and the consumer properties of aluminium foil for anodes of electrochemical capacitors are considered in the articles of the MATERIALS SCIENCE section.


Three articles brought to the notice of the readers in the METAL PROCESSING section are devoted to aluminum alloys: processes of the rivet wire manufacturing by casting in electromagnetic crystallizers; hot deformation of aluminum alloys and their extrusion during forming the forgings with longitudinal ribs.


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ArticleName Effect of sodium thiosulfate on the floatability of tennantite pyrite
ArticleAuthors Kayumov А. А., Aksenova D. D., Belokrys М. А., Malofeeva P. R.

National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

А. А. Kayumov, Postgraduate Student, Department of Benefication and Minerals and Man-Made Materials Processing, e-mail:
D. D. Aksenova, Postgraduate Student, Department of Benefication and Minerals and Man-Made Materials Processing
М. А. Belokrys, Master’s Student, Department of Benefication and Minerals and Man-Made Materials Processing
P. R. Malofeeva, Postgraduate Student, Department of Benefication and Minerals and Man-Made Materials Processing

ArticleName Possible processing of nickel-cobalt ores of the buruktal deposit at Southern Urals nickel plant
ArticleAuthors Sosnovskiy M. G., Gulyaev S. V., Zarkov A. V.

Southern Urals Nickel Plant, Orsk, Russia:

M. G. Sosnovskiy, Head of Mining Department
S. V. Gulyaev, Chief Engineer, e-mail:
A. V. Zarkov, General Director

ArticleName Use of petroleum coke in the waelz process
ArticleAuthors Kozlov P. A., Khodyko I. I., Poroshin E. A., Ivakin D. A.

UMMC Technical University, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia:

P. A. Kozlov, Deputy Director for Research
D. A. Ivakin, Head of Metallurgy Laboratory, e-mail:

Elektrotsink, Vladikavkaz, Russia:

I. I. Khodyko, СEO
E. A. Poroshin, Director for Economics and Planning, e-mail:

ArticleName Nickel extraction from solutions using sodium hydrosulfide
ArticleAuthors Khalezov B. D., Gavrilov A. S., Petrova S. A., Ovchinnikova L. A.

Institute of Metallurgy of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

B. D. Khalezov, Chief Researcher, e-mail:
A. S. Gavrilov, Junior Researcher, e-mail:
S. A. Petrova, Senior Researcher
L. A. Ovchinnikova, Senior Researcher

ArticleName How the structure of iron oxide nanoadditives can influence the graphite properties
ArticleAuthor Apalkova G. D.

South Urals State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia:

G. D. Apalkova, Professor, e-mail:

ArticleName PoDFA-based computer-aided analysis of non-metallic inclusions in aluminium alloys using image analysis
ArticleAuthors Kazakov А. А., Kiselev D. V., Kur А. А.

1Thixomet Ltd., Saint Petersburg, Russia ; 2Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

А. А. Kazakov, CEO1, Head of Metallurgical Examination Laboratory2, e-mail:
D. V. Kiselev, Technical Director1, Engineer at Metallurgical Examination Laboratory2
А. А. Kur, Engineer1, Associate Professor at the Department of Metallurgical and Casting Technologies2

ArticleName Effect of operational heat on the protective properties of coatings for ML10 magnesium alloy
ArticleAuthors Duyunova V. A., Kozlov I. A., Kuznetsova V. A., Kozlova А. А.

All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials of the State Science Centre of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Duyunova, Head of Research Department “Titanium, Magnesium, Beryllium and Aluminium Alloys”
I. A. Kozlov, Lead Engineer at the Laboratory for Corrosion and Protection of Metallic Materials, e-mail:
V. A. Kuznetsova, Head of Sector at the Laboratory of Paint and Coatings
А. А. Kozlova, Head of Paint and Coatings Laboratory

ArticleName Understanding the effect of final annealing regimes on the performance of aluminium foil for high-voltage electrolytic capacitor anodes
ArticleAuthor Sarkisov S. S.

National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow, Russia:

S. S. Sarkisov, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics, e-mail:

ArticleName Rheological behavior of 01570 and AA5182 wrought aluminum alloys under hot deformation conditions
ArticleAuthors Yashin V. V., Rushchits S. V., Aryshensky E. V., Latushkin I. A.

JSC “Arconic SMZ”, Samara, Russia:

V. V. Yashin, Manager, e-mail:

I. A. Latushkin, Leading Specialist, e-mail:


South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia:
S. V. Rushchits, Professor, Department of Materials Science and Physics and Chemistry of Materials


Samara University, Samara, Russia:
E. V. Aryshensky, Associate Professor of the Department of Metals Technology and Aviation Materials

ArticleName Extrusion mechanics of an aluminium alloy forging with longitudinal ribs
ArticleAuthors Sosenushkin E. N., Kadymov V. A., Yanovskaya E. A., Gureeva T. V.

Moscow State University of Technology “STANKIN”, Moscow, Russia:
E. N. Sosenushkin, Professor, e-mail:
E. A. Yanovskaya, Associate Professor
T. V. Gureeva, Postgraduate Student at the Department of Plastic Deformation Systems

Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics, Moscow, Russia:

V. A. Kadymov, Professor

ArticleName Production of rivet wire from billets produced from V65 alloy by electromagnetic crystallization
ArticleAuthors Timofeev V. N., Usynina G. P., Motkov M. M., Gudkov I. S.

1Research and Production Centre of Magnetic Hydrodynamics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia ; 2Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:

V. N. Timofeev, CEO1, Head of the Electrotechnology Department2


Research and Production Centre of Magnetic Hydrodynamics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia:
G. P. Usynina, Chief Materials Specialist
M. M. Motkov, Head of the Continuous Casting and Plastic Deformation Department
I. S. Gudkov, Lead Specialist at the Department of High-Frequency Currents, e-mail:

ArticleName On operation of electrical equipment
ArticleAuthor Tikhonov V. A.

Inzhiniring Stroitelstvo Obsluzhivanie, Department of Electrical Support and Power Engineering, Bratsk, Russia:

V. A. Tikhonov, Director of the Department, e-mail:

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