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90th anniversary of the Moscow state mining university
ArticleName Moscow state mining university: the basic high school in the system of high mining education
ArticleAuthor Korchak A. V.
ArticleName High mining education: the basis for innovative development of mining matter in Russia
ArticleAuthors Puchkov L. A., Petrov V. L.
ArticleName Faculty of development of coal deposits and underground construction
ArticleAuthor Velesevich V. I.
ArticleName Faculty of development of ore and non-ore deposits
ArticleAuthor Popov V. N.
ArticleName Physical-technical faculty: the forge of the scientific specialists
ArticleAuthors Belin V. A., Dmitriev A. P.
ArticleName Preparing the specialists in the field of information science and management in mining industry at the faculty automation and information science
ArticleAuthor Bakhvalov L. A.
ArticleName The faculty of night education at the Moscow state mining university
ArticleAuthor Kirichenko Yu. V.
ArticleName Professional-applied physical preparation of the mining students
ArticleAuthor Khusyainov Z. M.
ArticleName High mining education for the military men: history, traditions and perspectives
ArticleAuthors Puchkov L. A., Verzhansky A. P., Cherkasov A. V.
Raw material base
ArticleName Forming the programs of mastering and usage of the mineral and raw material base of non-ferrous and noble metals
ArticleAuthor Ashikhmin A. A.
ArticleName On the parameter of examination degree for a deposit field
ArticleAuthors Popov V. N., Abramyan G. O.
Physics and mechanics of rocks
ArticleName Acoustic emission in ultrasonic frequency range as a tool for solving the problems of mining geophysics
ArticleAuthors Shkuratnik V. L., Voznesensky A. S.
Economics, organization and management
ArticleName Account of time factor in estimation of economical efficiency in realization of investing projects in mining industry
ArticleAuthors Mossakovsky Ya. V., Lozovskaya Ya. N.
Development of deposits
ArticleName Forming and simulation of technological complexes for opencast mining works
ArticleAuthors Istomin V. V., Pastikhin D. V.
ArticleName The method for substantiation of norms of losses and impoverishment in ore output under destructed rocks
ArticleAuthors Savich I. N., Pepelev R. G., Gagiev T. A., Pavlov A. A.
ArticleName Increase of depth of soil development by a dredges
ArticleAuthors Yaltanets I. M., Dement’yev V. A.
Processing and complex usage of mineral raw materials
ArticleName Technological and economical method for optimization of concentration depth for the ores difficult for concentration
ArticleAuthors Avdokhin V. M., Petrov I. M.
Equipment and materials
ArticleName Usage of rubber-rope pulling belts in lifting units
ArticleAuthors Kartavy N. G., Zotov V. V.
ArticleName Influence of stress-strained state of belts in a high-angle conveyor with pressure belt on its workability
ArticleAuthors Sheshko E. E., Kasatkin A. A.
Power engineering and automation
ArticleName Development of information technologies at mining enterprises
ArticleAuthors Fedunets N. I., Kubrin S. S.
Ecological and economical problems of mining production
ArticleName Methodological grounds of economical estimation of wastes in mining industry
ArticleAuthors Popov S. M., Kharchenko V. A.
Personnel preparation
ArticleName Personnel preparation on the chair of Physics of rocks and mining processes
ArticleAuthor Goncharov S. A.
Mining history. Culture
ArticleName Moscow mining academy — Moscow mining institute: remembering the history and traditions
ArticleAuthor Ganitsky V. I.
Journals →  Gornyi Zhurnal →  2009 →  #1