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Non-ferrous Metals

Название Cyclic-Progressive Ore-Mining Operations at “Kal’makyr” Opencast Mine
Авторы Yu. K. Dyudin, A. G. Dikkert, A. V. Sredanovich, V. Yu. Kharitonov, V. L. Aranovich
Название Prospects of Development of SP “Erdenet” Ore Base under the Conditions of Market Economy
Авторы V. T. Glek, V. Yu. Kharitonov
Название Expansion of Raw Material Resources for Copper Production at Almalyk Mining-and-Metallurgical Integrated Works
Авторы L. A. Pryamikov, A. V. Sredanovich, V. M. Sigedin
Название Expansion and Reconstruction of Metallurgical Conversion at the Almalyk Mining-and-Metallurgical Integrated Works
Авторы A. V. Sredanovich, G. S. Tarasov, K. S. D’yakonov
Название Construction Project of Udokan Mining and Metallurgical Integrated Works
Автор M. E. Denisov
Название Designing and Construction of Dressing Mill for Processing Ores from the “Badger Gully” Deposit
Авторы A. N. Sindarovsky, B. P. Rudnev
Название Environmentally Appropriate Technology of Solid Domestic and Industrial Waste Processing
Авторы S. I. Kapitonov, Yu. K. Dyudin, V. P. Mekhanik
Название Computer Design in Giprotsvetmet Institute
Автор L. M. Mer
Журналы →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2005 →  №2