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Non-ferrous Metals

Название The problems of technological improvement and optimization of metallurgical parameters at "Norisl Nickel" mining and metallurgical corporation
Автор L. M. Mushkatin
Название Geological and technological preparation of raw materials during exploration, mining and concentration at the plants of "Norilsk Nikel" mining and metallurgical corporation
Авторы S. M. Kozyrev, M. Z. Komarova, O. A. Kravtsova, V. I. Maksimov, O. A. Yakovleva, L. N. Emelina
Информация об авторах

A. A. Klemyatov took part in this work

Название The mainfeatures of the development of nothern mines at Talnakhskoe and Oktyabr'skoe deposits
Авторы A. A. Smirnov, V. V. Yakheev, V. L. Vorob'ev, K. P. Yaroshenko, V. A. Mishanov
Название Improvement of concentrating technology for copper-nickel ores at Kola mining and metallurgical corporation
Авторы V. P. Bondarenko, V. A. Ivanov, V. F. Kozyrev, S. M. Kozyrev, E. V. Koroleva, V. I. Maksimov
Название Smelting of copper-nickel concentrates in dual-zone Vanyukov furnace at "Pechenganickel" integrated works
Авторы L. Sh. Tsemekhman, M. V. Knyazev, S. V. Berkutov, O. A. Ryzhov, Yu. A. Chumakov
Название Behaviour of copper and nickel in oxidizing smelting of copper low-iron nickel-containing mattels and concentrates for blister copper
Авторы L. B. Tsymbulov, L. Sh. Tsemekhman, M. V. Knyazev, M. S. Fedorov, V. N. Galantsev
Название Diagrams of structure and substantional composition of metallurgical products containing in Ni, Cu, Fe, S
Автор L. N. Ertseva
Название Investigation of chemical parameters, mechanism and kinetics of interaction of high-ferriferous copper-nickel mattes with sulfic acid and sulfates of nonferrous metals
Автор M. I. Kalashnikova
Название Features of autoclave processing of ill-conditioned sphalerite concentrates
Авторы Ya. M. Shneerson, A. Yu. Lapin, V. M. Shpaer
Название Synthesis of composite spherical hydrate of nickel protooxide for accumulator production
Авторы B. E. Zatitsky, L. S. Lutova, L. V. Volkov
Название Improvement of copper pyrometallurgical production at "Norilsk nickel" mining and metallurgical corporation in order to solve ecological problems
Авторы A. G. Ryabko, M. V. Knyazev, L. Sh. Tsemekhman, V. I. Zaitsev
Название Development of methane technology for processing of sulfuric gas of autogenous melting
Авторы Yu. V. Vasilev, O. I. Platonov, A. G. Ryabko, L. Sh. Tsemekhman, S. P. Yatsenko
Название Simulation of ore deposits in DATAMINE operation environment for solving the applied problems of designing and improvement of activity of mining enterprises
Авторы +A. A. Bugaev, V. V. Ternovoy, A. V. Shamshev
Название Study of single-state and dual-stage routes of autoclave leaching of zink concentrates via mathematical simulation
Авторы E. M. Vigdorchik, Ya. M. Shneerson, E. E. Zhmarin, V. M. Shpaer
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