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Non-ferrous Metals

Название Upgrading of strips made of non-ferrous metals and alloys in rolling
Автор R. L. Shatalov.
Название Up-to-date tendencies in non-ferrous tubes production technology
Авторы Yu. N. Ryakov, F. S. Seydaliev, Yu. F. Shevakin
Название Effect of alloying elements and technological factors on phase composition and properties of brass tubes used in motor-car industry
Авторы I. I. Kurbatkin, N. A. Belov, Yu. N. Raikov, O. A. Rumyantseva, L. A. Pokhlebenina, V. V. Antipov
Название Development and mastering of the Technology for production of precise brass electrode wire for cut-out spark-erosion machines
Авторы A. S. Gulyaev, V. F. Zakharov, N. A. Pankova
Название Development of the technology and bringing the production of radiator stripts of micro-alloyed copper to the commercial level
Авторы O. A. Avdushkin, G. V. Ashikhmin, A. S. Luzhbin, Yu. N. Raikov
Название Low copper alloys. Features of composition and production technologies
Автор A. K. Nikolaev
Название On the problem of raising the efficient use of copper scrap in metal production
Авторы A. M. Kats, V. P. Bystrov, B. S. Chaikin, G. A. Busalova
Название Subtractive metallurgy as the method of producrion of the high dispersion alloys having the preset composition, structure and properties
Автор V. V. Karonic
Название Expanding the sphere of application of coil drawning production for tubes made of MNZhMts 10-1-1 copper-nickel alloy
Авторы I. A. Skotnikov, V. V. kotov, N. A. Mochalov, I. F. Pruzhinin
Название Creation and bringing of argon-arc welding mills to a commercial level of thin-walled tube production in Russia and abroad
Авторы V. A. Vasiliev, E. M. Donskoi
Название Low copper alloy for operation in the conditions of long-term action of temperature and thermal cycling
Авторы A. K. Nikolaev, N. I. Revina
Название Copper alloys as a material for contact wiring
Авторы A. K. Nikolaev, V. Ya. Berent
Название Production of efficient shapes of non-ferrous metals and alloys
Авторы Yu. F. Shevakin, A. A. Nagaitsev, L. M. Grabarnik, D. M. Leikin, V. V. Saveliev
Название Technology and equipment for production of high-precise shaped strips
Авторы Yu. F. Shevakin, A. V. Bushev, V. B. Makarov, A. A. Nagaitsev
Название Development and application of Lmts 58-2 brass band rolling conditions taking the effect of chemical composition fluctuations on phase composition and structure into account
Авторы A. E. Shimanaev, N. A. Mochalov, V. V. Kotov, I. E. Pruzhinin, R. L. Shatalov
Название Brass – a modern constructional material
Авторы V. N. Fedorov, O. E. Osintsev
Название Application of plasma furnaces with graphite cathode for melting of non-ferrous metals
Автор V. A. Izmailov
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