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Non-ferrous Metals

Название Russian and World Aluminium Industry on the Border of Centuries. Growth and Consumption Forecasts
Автор I. V. Prokopov
Название Ways of Modernization and Technical Reequipment of Aluminium Smelter in Russia and other Countries of the CIS
Авторы Yu. A. Matveev, N. A. Kaluzhsky, G. E. Volfson
Название On Power Rates, Railroad Tariff, and their Influence on Competitiveness of Russian Metalproducts
Автор V. S. Kalchenko
Название Effective Methods of Complex Processing of Nonbauxite Aluminium Raw Materials for Alumina and Byproducts
Авторы V. M. Sizyakov, G. Z. Nasyrov
Название Development of Scientific Foundations and Technologies Related to Processing of Aluminium-bearing Raw-material and Aluminium-based Materials in Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Science of Materials of the Russian Academy of Science
Авторы N. P. Lyakishev, Yu. A. Lainer, L. L. Rokhlin
Название On the Project of Alumina-aluminium Industrial Complex in Republic Komi on the Basis of Processing of Bauxites of Middle-Timan
Авторы V. A. Bronevoi, A. K. Romashov, A. N. Svirin, V. I. Skornyakov
Название Modernization of Rolling Mills and Ways to Expand Production of Highquality Products Made of Aluminium and its Alloys for Internal and External Markets
Авторы V. G. Borisov, M. Z. Lokshin
Название Current State and Methods of Improvement of Ecological Safety of Aluminium Production
Авторы V. S. Burkat, N. A. Kaluzhsky, V. I. Smola, L. E. Safarova
Название A Review of the Magnesium Industry
Автор R. E. Brown
Журналы →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2002 →  №2