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ArticleName Commercialization of innovation technology of nanohafnium production
ArticleAuthor Shilov O. V., Lomonosova N. V.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

O. V. Shilov, Assistant of a Chair of Industrial Management, e-mail:
N. V. Lomonosova, Assistant of a Chair of Economical Theory


Commercialization of innovative projects at iron and steel enterprises is very important not only for development of Russian science-intensive products market, but also for investors, who have an interest in increasing of economic efficiency of their investments. The sector of nanomaterial production was chosen for the consideration of this process in innovation market. Economic reasonability of organization of Russian nanomaterial production was considered by means of research of specific example of hafnium nanopowder production by innovative method. Most of attention was paid for the structure of optimization of nanomaterial production efficiency. According to this, the quality analysis of innovative products and its impact on the final product cost performance hold the special place. Restraining commercialization of innovative projects, focused on obtaining of nanomaterial and nanomaterial-based products, is the lack of specific typological scheme, determining the economic efficiency of innovative projects. During the research, there was developed the optimization scheme efficiency project for the production of nanomaterial, directed at maximization of economic results. The resulting scheme will be used in any nano-products project. It is especially relevant for metallurgical innovations, but can also be used for other nanoindustries. There is proved the economic effect of use of offered calculating scheme.

keywords Innovative projects, nanomaterials, economic efficiency, commercialization of projects, product quality, optimizing quality, price formation

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