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ArticleName The role of recycling in aluminium sustainability
ArticleAuthor Bayliss C., Tsesmelis K.

International Aluminium Institute, London, Great Britain:

C. Bayliss, Deputy General Secretary
K. Tsesmelis, Manager, e-mail:


There was discussed the role of aluminium in development of human civilization. Every year, production of aluminium alloys becomes more various. There is shown, that variety of aluminium products and their application lead to increasing of global aluminium demand by two times in the period between 2010 and 2020. According to this, satisfaction of this demand will be realized due to primary and secondary metal. At the same time, two thirds of demand will correspond to primary aluminium supplies, which will be increased from 40 mln t in 2010 to more than 70 mln t in 2020. Attention is paid to the great importance of aluminium recycling for the present and future generations from a point of view of economy of energy and other resources, decreasing of release of harmful emissions into atmosphere. There are described the advantages of application of aluminium in creation of transport facilities, construction, packing, power generation from renewable sources and power distribution. There was made a conclusion, that in conditions of constant growth of Earth population, aluminium becomes an important part of solving of problem of future stability. The United Nations expects the global population to reach 10 billion by 2100. The shared sustainability challenge is to provide not only basic needs, but to meet expectations for an improving quality of life. Crucially, this progress must be achieved while ensuring that environment remains ecologically and economically viable and able to meet the needs of future generations.

keywords Sustainable development, aluminium, aluminium recycling, usage of aluminium in transport, aluminium in architecture, aluminium package, renewable energy sources

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