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ArticleName Two ways of aluminium scraps recycling: rotary furnaces or decoating
ArticleAuthor Iribarren O.

Insertec — Furnaces & Refractories, Basauri, Spain:

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Nowadays, there is observed an increased global requirement and interest to recycling of wide range of Aluminium scraps by environmentally pure technologies with low salts consumption and high metal recovery rates. Two extensive ways are used for recycling of aluminium scraps. The first way is processing of scraps with very little preparation in Titling Rotary Furnaces. The latest Insertec developments in furnace design and oxi-gas combustion systems helps to reduce the salts consumption to minimum and to increase the overall metal yield. The second way is processing of scraps in continuous lines in three main steps, which include physical preparation (size, etc), scrap cleaning by cold and thermal processes (IDEX® decorating systems) and finally melting in reverberatory furnaces with molten metal circulation and sinking vortex. Each kind of system has different peculiarities and benefits in comparison with other, depending on the type of processed scrap and main activity of recycling company. In any case, the equipment, supplied by Insertec, offer low energy consumptions and high repetitive metal recoveries, using the smallest possible amount of salt fluxes. Oily, painted or lacquered materials (such as UBC, profiles, turnings, chips, etc) are typical scraps, which can be processed through the continuous lines with decoaters. The Rotary furnaces can process any kind of scraps without any preparation (as aluminium drosses, black or white).

keywords Aluminium recycling, aluminium scrap, processing of beverage cans, processing of aluminum chip, scrap preparation lines, inclined rotor furnace, decoating, reverberatory furnace with side crucible
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