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ArticleName The properzi method for production of primary and secondary aluminium ingots
ArticleAuthor Brocato C. M., Ghisetti A.

Continuus-Properzi S.p.A, Italy:

C. M. Brocato, Commercial Director
A. Ghisetti, Sales Manager


In 1992, Properzi company introduced a new line for casting of aluminium ingots with productive capacity of 15–18 t/hour. This line was based on technology of continuous casting of billet with application of cast wheel and steel ribbon. Metal was solidified in concealed form and had fine homogeneous content of metallic structure, and absence of slag and oxides on ingots' surface. The ingots were differed by shape compactness and sizes' repeatability. Technology and equipment were applied in the production of small ingots (weight of 8–10 kg). In 2003, Properzi company developed a new continuous ingot casting machine, where casting steel was replaced by variety of copper blocks, replaced by valuable mechanism. For the purpose of operation of belt machine with wheel, there is required the powerful straightening machine for straightening of cast bar, which is hardened in closed form and tested by chute on copper wheel and steel ribbon circle. There was made a definition that the larger is square of cross-sectional area of cast bar, the higher is force, required for its strengthening. This circumstance also excludes the possibility of foundry of ingots from “solid” aluminium alloys, which differ by increased mechanical properties (in comparison with aluminium). Besides, some disadvantage of such belt machine is necessity of creation of rather deep foundation in the time of line assembling for placing of wheel with 4.2 m diameter. New development made possible to expand the nomenclature of casting alloys. This article shows the history of creation of both types of cast machines. There are given some results of their industrial application in the time of casting of ingots from primary and secondary aluminium.

keywords Cast alloy, Properzi method, belt machine with cast wheel, belt track machine, aluminium ingot, cast rod, primary aluminium, secondary aluminium

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