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Steel as material
ArticleName High-strength steels with improved impact toughness
ArticleAuthor N. Fecht

Gelsenkirchen, Germany:

N. Fecht, Freelance Journalist, e-mail:


Putting into practice the correct material in light automotive construction and in proper place can be presented by successful combination of materials and mutual correspondence between weight, functions and expenses. Owing to innovative hybride constructions that used conventional and new high-strength and ductile steel grades, automotive manufacturers and steel producers can forward light constructions to the market. Experience and recommendations from the leading German automotive companies, such as BMW and Porsche, as well as large European iron and steel companies (Thyssen-Krupp, Salzgitter, voestalpine) are presented. Forecasts of the development of automotive designs and technologies until 2050 are observed.

keywords Special steels, light constructions, automotive industry, hybride technologies, strength, ductility, production costs
Language of full-text russian
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