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ArticleName Comparison of physical methods of on-line inspection of chemical composition and microstructure of aluminum Al – Mn – Cu alloys
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2015.10.08
ArticleAuthor Udalaya K. R., Belenkiy A. M., Korotkova N. O., Deev V. B.

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:

K. R. Udalaya, Applicant for the Degree of Candidate of Science, Chair of Thermal Physics and Ecology of Metallurgical Production, e-mail:
A. M. Belenkiy, Professor, Chair of Thermal Physics and Ecology of Metallurgical Production, e-mail:
N. O. Korotkova, Post-Graduate Student of a Chair of Casting Technologies
V. B. Deev, Professor, Casting Process Technology Chair, Chief Researcher of Engineering Center “Casting Technologies and Materials”


The physical properties of aluminum Al – Mn – Cu alloys were discovered for the comparison of on-line inspection methods of chemical composition and microstructure. Measurement methods were used to determine the hardness, electrical resistivity and thermoelectric power of the samples. The investigated samples are three-component Al – Mn – Cu alloys with the same content of Mn (about 1%) and changing content of copper from 0 to 7% by weight. Heat treatment of the samples involved annealing and tempering at the temperature range of 150–540 °C. Physical properties were measured after every tempering. It is shown that the methods of the thermoelectric power, electrical resistivity and hardness are sensitive to copper content, as well as to the formation of new phases with the presence of copper, and depend on annealing temperature. Thermoelectric power method is more sensitive to formation of new phases at minimal concentrations of copper (up to 0.5% (wt.)) than the electrical resistivity method.
This work was carried out within the Agreement No. 14.578.21.0004 (unique identifier of the project is RFMEFI57814X0004) about the subsidization of Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation within the realization of the Federal Target Program “Research and development of the priority ways of development of science-technical complex of Russia for 2014–1020”.

keywords Thermoelectric power, hardness, electrical resistivity, aluminum alloys, Al – Mn – Cu, control of chemical composition, microstructure

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