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ArticleName Influence of the specific character of the content of iron-manganese concretions of the Pacific Ocean and Baltic sea on technological indicators of valuable component extraction
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.02.06
ArticleAuthor Telyakov N. M., Darin A. A., Telyakov A. N., Petukhov A. A.

National Mineral Resources University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

N. M. Telyakov, Professor, e-mail:
A. A. Darin, Assistant, e-mail:
A. N. Telyakov, Assistant Professor
A. A. Petukhov, Post-Graduate Student of a Chair of Metallurgy


A brief analysis of the state of a problem of involvement of alternative manganese ore sources (ferromanganese concretions) in production is provided, and the main fields of their concentration are described. The review of urgent technologies of processing of this type of raw materials is provided: bacterial method, nitrate leaching, ammonium leaching, organic acid leaching, application of chlorine-containing connections, sulphatizing roasting. Results of researches of material structure of oceanic and sea concretions with application of thermogravimetric and X-ray diffraction analysis are given. There are given the results of large-scale researches of development of optimum complex technology of obtaining of standard metal-containing semi-products from ferromanganese concretions of various structure suitable for further processing on saleable manganese and non-ferrous metal concentrates. The possibility of use of pyrite concentrates for the provision of sulfatization and power balance of the process is estimated. Researches of ferromanganese concretion sulfatization by sulphatizing roasting in “boiling bed” were carried out. There are determined the optimum parameters of sulphatizing roasting and subsequent neutral single-stage leaching for achievement of maximum indicators of extraction of valuable components from ferromanganese concretions. On the basis of pilot and theoretical studies there is shown the prospect of the way of processing with application of sulphatizing roasting and the subsequent leaching for phosphorus-containing sea and oceanic concretions containing non-ferrous metals. The researches were carried out with tests of ferromanganese concretions of Klarion-Klipperton field and Baltic Sea.

keywords Ferromanganese concretions, offshore fields, phosphorus-containing concretions, processing technology, sulphatizing roasting, sulfatization, manganese concentrate, pyritic concentrate, concretions of the Gulf of Finland, field of the Baltic Sea, concretion of the Pacific Ocean, oceanic manganese ores

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