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ArticleName Development of β-radiation sources on the basis of 63Ni with β-radiation converters of different types
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2016.07.09
ArticleAuthor Davydov A. A., Markovin S. A., Popkova A. V., Fedorov E. N.

Science and Production Association “Luch”, Podolsk, Russia:

A. A. Davydov, Leading Software Engineer
S. A. Markovin, Second Category Engineer
A. V. Popkova, Senior Researcher, e-mail:
E. N. Fedorov, Chief Specialist


Creation of radiation-induced power supply equipment with a long period of operation (50 years and more) is a very urgent way of development of microsystem equipment. A key role in creation of such power supplies belongs to development of beta-radiation sources with optimal geometrical sizes and their combination with semiconductor converters made of silicon or wide-gap semiconductors. This article substantiates a choice of 63Ni isotope as a beta-radiation source. The article also presents the results of experimental research in obtaining of a beta-radiation source based on 63Ni for the radiation-induced power supplies capable to provide a long-term power supply of microsystems, including inaccessible places. The optimal thickness of a radiation source is specified for beta-voltaic elements based on 63Ni. Requirements to the method of 63Ni betaradiation source creation are formulated. The technology basis was developed for creation of a beta-radiator in the form of 63Ni foil made of nickel chloride solution in hydrochloric acid by means of nickeloxalate powder obtaining and its thermal decomposition to nickel powder, its following melting and rolling to 63Ni foil with 3 μm thickness. A thermogram of nickel oxalate powder decomposition is shown together with histogram of nickel powder particles distribution by their sizes. Modes of sintering, melting, holding and cooling for nickel powder are specified.
This investigation was carried out according to the state task with the financial  support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for 2015–2016, agreement No.14.625.21.0031 (unique identifier of the applied scientific investigations (project) is RFMEFI62515X0102).

keywords Nickel isotope 63Ni, beta-radiation, radiation-induced power supply, half-life of isotope, nickel powder, foil

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