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ArticleName Mastering of extraction technology of new cobalt production in Kola MMC
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2018.01.01
ArticleAuthor Kasikov A. G., Dyakova L. V., Khomchenko O. A.

I. V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials (Kola Science Center RAS), Apatity, Russia:

A. G. Kasikov, Head of Hydrometallurgy Sector, e-mail:
L. V. Dyakova, Senior Researcher

JSC “Kola MMC”, Monchegorsk, Russia:

O. A. Khomchenko, Chief Specialist


In 2012 expansion of production volumes in Kola MMC started the construction of a site, helping to obtain 3000 tones of metallic cobalt. The hydrochloride scheme of cobalt concentrate processing was used as a technology basis and was mostly tested on the pilot plant of “Severonickel” combine. Our paper describes the main technological units of cobalt production, providing the concentrate opening with obtaining the concentrated chloride nickel-cobalt solutions. We show the process flow schemes of extraction purification of cobalt concentrate opening solutions from copper, and the production stage of cobalt extraction, including the main and deep extraction of cobalt using the organic mixtures with various percentage of tertiary amine. We also substantiate the hydrolitic purification of cobalt chloride solutions from iron and microimpurities of arsenic and manganese, required for electric extraction with metallic cobalt obtaining. Results of industrial testings of separate stages of new production are the basis of improvement of extraction equipment and optimization of copper and cobalt extraction scheme. We investigated the influence of silicon dioxide impurity in solution on operation of evaporation and extraction equipment and showed the possibility of its negative impact decreasing. The chemical composition of electrolytic cobalt samples is defined, which micropurity content corresponds to the metal of leading producers. Cobalt production expansion is possible due to the change of extraction mixture composition. Taking into account the demand of cobalt salts and their high price, it is necessity to expand the assortment of cobalt production.

keywords Cobalt concentrate, cobalt, copper, impurities, leaching, extraction, trialkylamine, technological equipment

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