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ArticleName Rational use of natural resources in Azerbaijan
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2018.01.07
ArticleAuthor Efendiyeva Z. J., Korol Yu. A., Popova G. I.

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan
Z. J. Efendiyeva, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:


JSC “Russian Copper Company”, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Yu. A. Korol, Vice-President


National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI”, Moscow, Russia
G. I. Popova, Senior Lecturer of a Chair of Economics


Modern state and prospect of non-ferrous deposit mining in Azerbaijan are commercially significant. Various explored mineral reserves are able not only to meet the domestic needs, but also to be exported. Our paper shows the detail information about copper, lead-zinc and aluminium-bearing deposits. The purpose of the given recommendations during extraction and processing of non-ferrous ores in Azerbaijan is the fulfillment of complex methods and resourcesaving technologies, extraction of associated elements with main metals, production involvement of dump raw materials, occupational dust and gas, reduction of production cost and, thus, minimization of environmental pollution. One of the possible schemes of complex processing of ferrous and non-ferrous ores is shown for maximal complex use of raw materials, meeting the needs of Azerbaijan and provision of export of processing products on various stages of technological processes. We recommended the balanced mining-chemical complexes for further development of raw materials base of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy in Azerbaijan. They must permit the raw material processing in mutual coordination by all material and technological flows for obtaining the profit with minimal influence on environment.

keywords Natural resources, mineral raw materials, rational use of alunite ores, copper-ore deposits, wastes, alumina

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