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ArticleName Analysis of metallurgical production in Excel at “Karabashmed” enterprise
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2018.02.03
ArticleAuthor Korol Yu. A., Zubov P. V.

JSC “Russian Copper Company”, Ekaterinburg, Russia:

Yu. A. Korol, Vice-President


JSC “Karabashmed”, Karabash, Russia:
P. V. Zubov, Deputy Head of Production Department, e-mail:


The copper-smelting enterprise “Karabashmed” developed and implemented a program for preparing manufacturing statements and their analysis. This program is based on Microsoft Excel. We developed an algorithm for the sequence of data entering, the order in which they are entered, and authenticity check. The program contains analytical balance files, including up to 2 million formulas with background processing for revealing mistakes when compiling balance files. At the same time, the authorized operator is able to analyse and correct these files. In order to achieve maximum reliability of the resultant data, we simultaneously carry out balance compiling and analytical accounting with ten components: copper, zinc, lead, gold, silver, palladium, iron, sulfur, silicon dioxide and calcium oxide. This enables us to obtain analytical information about these components both separately and in combination. If the new tasks appear, a user with basic skills in working with table editors can improve the designed software without the programmer’s assistance. The data for analysis are introduced in 5 to 15 minutes. The general report about 24-hour work of enterprise is formed in an hour after the set start time (that is 9 a. m. for Karabashmed). The monthly balance and review is formed in 2 or 3 hours after receiving the data about average monthly analysis and removal of residuals of raw materials, half-finished products and finished products. The designed program may be applied at any metallurgical enterprise that has limits regarding raw materials acceptance, smelting, converting, gas-purifying, obtaining sulfuric acid, processing of repetition materials, receipt and dispatching of finished products after minimal adaptation concerning terminology and names of raw materials, half-finished products and wares.

keywords Metallurgical shop, sulphuric acid shop, blister copper, concentrate, dressing, Excel, production balance, file, formula, program, analysis of production accounting

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