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ArticleName Implementation of the enrichment technology of the charge of rich and cuprous ore at the Talnakh Concentrator
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2018.06.04
ArticleAuthor Lesnikova L. S., Volyanskiy I. V., Datsiev M. S., Arabadzhi Ya. N.

PJSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”, Polar Division, Norilsk, Russia:
L. S. Lesnikova, Head of Laboratory, Center for Engineering Support of Production
I. V. Volyanskiy, Director, Talnakh concentrator
M. S. Datsiev, Chief Engineer, Talnakh concentrator
Ya. N. Arabadzhi, Chief Specialist, Center for Engineering Support of Production, e-mail:


Concentrator (Phase II) started in mid-2016 and finished in 2017. It increased the Concentrator capacity by more than 30% in terms of high-grade and cupriferrous ores blend prossesing. In addtition to the total equipment modernizaion Phase II provided shifting to the new concentration technology and commissioning of a new in-house tailing dump. The concentration technology developed is the result of long-term fruitful cooperation between Talnakh Concentrator and Center for Production Engineering Support (TsISP), which served as a basis of the operating procedure for designing and construction detailed plan developed by ZAO Mekhanobr Engineering. Phase II concentration technology is supported by the bulk sulfide concentrate production rejecting actually total gangue material at the start of the process. Selective separation of bulk copper-nickel concentrate follows the two-stage collector removal (sulphuric sodium and activated charcoal treatment) with its subsequent decopperization (copper concentrate production) and nickelpyrrhotite product separation to get pyrrhotite and low-nickel pyrrhotite. In accordance with the design flowchart, low-nickel pyrrhotite is dumped but its rejection in the form of a product is prospective for its further processing. Some low-nickel pyrrhotite undergoes hydrometallurgical processing at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant as a mixture with metal-bearing product from Talnakh Concentrator settling pond and stale pyrrhotite. Pilot testing on its individual autoclave oxidation leaching also took place. The Phase II design capacity and concentrate quality in terms of target metals content and valuable metals recovery to bulk concentrate were reached in the 1st half of 2017.

keywords Тalnakh Concentrator, copper-nickel ore, semi-autogeneous grinding, concentration technology, bulk concentrate, selection, low-nickel pyrrhotite, pilot testing

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