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ArticleName Understanding how the M1 alloy microstructure is formed in the deformation zone during continuous extrusion of bus bars
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2018.10.10
ArticleAuthor Zinoviev A. V., Koshmin A. N., Chasnikov A. Ya.

MISiS National University of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia:

A. V. Zinoviev, Professor at the Department of Metal Forming
A. N. Koshmin, Postgraduate Student at the Department of Metal Forming, e-mail:


Svelen LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
A. Ya. Chasnikov, CEO Advisor 


This paper describes the results of an experimental study into the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties in the deformation zone during continuous extrusion of M1 copper. The samples included residues that came from an industrial 350 Conform machine after it had produced rectangular copper bus bars. An optical microscope and an HVS-100 microhardness tester were used for microstructural and mechanical properties characterization. Analysis of the metal flow in the deformation zone showed that the regularities of the metal flow and structural transformation are true for all the samples. When subjected to extrusion, an undeformed workpiece with the cast structure comprised of 800–1000 μm crystalline grains acquires a structure similar to recrystallized structure comprising 50–35 μm grains. Quantitative data were obtained that describe how the equipment configuration and process parameters influence the hardness of the final product. The samples that came from the 10·30 and 10·60 mm bus bars are characterized with almost the same hardness (~90 kgf/mm2) and similar hardness distribution patterns. At the same time, the samples made from the 10·80 and 10·100 mm templates produced different results. Thus, in the latter hardness tends to go down as a workpiece goes through the die.

keywords Conform method, deformation zone, microstructural evolution, mechanical properties, copper, bus bar

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