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ArticleName Substantiating the new concept of processing disseminated platinum-copper-nickel ores of the Taymyr ore region
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.05.02
ArticleAuthor Ptitsyn А. М., Paretskiy V. M., Tsemekhman L. Sh.

Orgenergoservis, Moscow, Russia:

А. М. Ptitsyn, Chief Engineer, e-mail:


Ural-Progress-Inzhiniring-Kompaniya, Moscow, Russia:
V. M. Paretskiy, Visiting Professor, e-mail:


Gipronickel Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia:
L. Sh. Tsemekhman, Adviser to the General Director, e-mail:


This paper examines an approach to selecting the basic technology for processing disseminated platimun-copper-nickel ores found in the Taymyr Peninsula; analyses the results of the previous research in disseminated ore processing and evaluates the potential use of the conventional process; demonstrates why, when concentrating disseminated ores, the recovery of platinum group metals (PGMs) is limited to 85%; substantiates why concentration would be an unfeasible option for disseminated ores due to high throughput; proposes to use a more practical process of direct smelting based on the use of low-cost local coal as fuel and deoxidizer; examines the process of reduction smelting of disseminated ores in a dual-zone Vanyukov furnace. It is proposed to use partially reduced iron as a collector for PGMs. The iron is supposed to be removed from the process as a result of bessemerizing. Direct smelting of disseminated ores will help raise the recovery of PGMs by 8–10% and utilise the concentrator tailings, as well as PGM containing waste and middlings. Half as much converter matte is produced as a result of direct smelting of ore, and the latter contains three times more PGMs. The authors point out the environmental safety of this process due to the lack of sulphur in the smelter gases. The proposed process stands for a cost-effective low-throughput production regime which won’t lead to PGM market oversaturation or create the risk of price fall.

keywords Disseminated ores, platinum group metals, benefication, recovery, reduction smelting, dual-zone Vanyukov furnace, cost effectiveness

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