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Название Mathematical apparatus to calculate shear drum parameters for specific mining conditions
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.11.13
Автор Zakharov V. N., Linnik V. N., Linnik Yu. N., Zhabin A. B.
Информация об авторе

Academician Melnikov Research Institute for Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

V. N. Zakharov, Director, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences


State University of Management, Moscow, Russia:
V. Yu. Linnik, Associate Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences, vy_linnik@guu.ru
Yu. N. Linnik, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Tula State University, Tula, Russia:
A. B. Zhabin, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


It is known that the cutting tool of the shearer drum when in direct contact with coal face transfers total and dynamic loads to the drum, which, in turn, affects the shearer efficiency as a whole. The dynamic loads arising on the drum depend on the parameters of the latter, as well as on the cutting tool used. Accordingly, the loading of the shearer is interrelated with the parameters of the drum and of the cutters. Efficiency of cutting depends on the conformity of these parameters to the cuttability of a specific coal face. Ffurthermore, the loading of the shearer influences its theoretical productivity and output per face. Individual approach to selection of shearer drum parameters is governed by the general trend in the coal industry in Russia to creating high-performance technologies such as longwall–mine and longwall–horizon.Thus, the task connected with the collection of data on the characteristics of coal seam cuttability in Russian mines, on the one hand, and the development of calculation procedure for the optimal parameters of shearer drums with regard to specific mine conditions becomes urgent. The results of the research formed the basis for the the developed electron database on coal seams in Russian mine and the algorithm, which includes an assessment of geological operating conditions of shearer drums, selection of drum parameters for these conditions, arrangement patterns of drum cutters and finding of total loads arising on the cutters in contact with coal face per one turn of the drum. Thus, the results of studies allow optimization of drum structure during engineering design.

Ключевые слова Coal seam, shearer, drum, databas, calculation algorithm, cuttability, software, seam cuttability characteristics
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