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Название Improvement of processing behavior of soil at the work face of tunnel boring machine using foam agents
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.11.14
Автор Mazein S. V., Voznesenskiy A. S., Pankratenko A. N., Sharshova E. A.
Информация об авторе

Russian University of Transport – MIIT, Moscow, Russia

S. V. Mazein, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, maz-bubn@mail.ru


National University of Scvience and Technology – MISIS, Moscow, Russia
A. S. Voznesenskiy, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
A. N. Pankratenko, Head of Chair, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Mosinzhpproekt, Moscow, Russia
E. A. Sharshova, Leading Engineer


The aim of the study is the laboratory and full-scale testing of the selected materials (foam agents) for treatment of soil in shield tunneling with earth pressure support in various geological conditions within the city of Moscow in the framework of the regulatory documentation development. The article presents the lab test results on selection of additive for each type of soil and recommendations on optimal consumption of the additives, as well as the field test data on the doping agents using with tunnel boring machine with diameter of 10.82 m. In the full-scale test with the tunnel boring machine with earth pressure support, correctness of the laboratory selection of foam agents to treat soil was checked. The influence of the doping agents in the rotor torque characterizing movability of foam–soil in face was estimated using the bank of measurements of the machine power parameters and process fluid flow rates (water, air, additives). It is required to use additives in suitable geological conditions and in recommended combinations, based on the international experience. The in-situ studies into efficient reduction in the rotor torque depending on the additive consumption were carried out in the framework of development of “Guidance on selection of materials and technologies for stabilization of face and treatment of soil in construction of tunnels using tunnel boring machines” under the order of the Urban Planning Department of the city of Moscow.

Ключевые слова Tunnel, tunnel boring machine with earth pressure support, soil treatment, foamers, rotor torque, test, spread (flow) of cone
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